Congo Siasa

List of armed groups in the Kivus

Armed groups in the eastern Congo are like brooms in Disney’s (Goethe) Sorcerer’s Apprentice: They just seem to keep multiplying. This is my effort to come up with a decent list of armed groups in the Kivus.

(split) Gen Bosco Taganda Gen Laurent Nkunda Philippe Gafishi Col Sultan Makenga 3,000-4,000 integrated 1,000-2,000 unitegrated Control the Masisi highlands between Ngungu and Mweso Protect Tutsi community Protect interests of local elites (land, cows, businesses)
FDLR Gen Sylvestre Mudacumura 3,000-4,000 Deployed in rural areas throughout rural South and North Kivu and Maniema. Extract resources, maintain ideology overthrowing RPF but little hope
ACPLS Gen Janvier Buingo Comd Innocent Balume Comd Innocent Dunga 500-2,000 Centered around Nyabiondo, western Masisi. Protect local Hunde community, in particular against ex-CNDP troops.
Mai-Mai Cheka Colonel Cheka 50-200 Based around Mubi and Njigala, Walikale Benefit from taxation rackets and put pressure on mining companies workin in the Bisie mine.
PARECO Gen Ntasibanga ? 300-1,000 Lubero/Masisi territory
FPLC “Gen.” Gadi Ngabo 200-500 In Rutshuru territory and Uganda Galvanize former CNDP officers, obtain backing from Uganda.
UJPS Tumai Byamungu, official in ministry of interior 500-1,000 No permanently located troops, mostly within FARDC Mostly kadogo from the AFDL era, multi-ethnic
Mai-Mai Mongol Bigembe Nturinkukiko Felicien Miganda Dieudonne Shobora 500-1,500 In southern Masisi Composed of Hutu Partially integrated into FARDC
Mai-Mai Kifuafua Colonel Delphin Mbaende Didier Bitaki Colonel Akilimali 300-1,000 In southern Masisi territory Partially integrated into FARDC Mostly Hunde and Tembo
Mai-Mai Simba Colonel Marhegane 100-200 (?) Around Miti, Kabare territory A split off from the former Mudundu 40 group
FRF Gen Venant Bisogo Gen Michel Rukunda 100-300 In Biabo forest, Fizi territory
Mai Mai Yakutumba Col Yakutumba 150-250 Around Baraka, Fizi territory Strong anti-Tutsi ideology Collaboration with FDLR Mostly from Bembe community
Raia Mutomboki Political representative: Gilbert Ngongo of South Kivu provincial assembly 100-1,000 Shabunda territory A self-defense group with little capacity that lies dormant most of the time
Jeshi la Uma 100-300 Shabunda territory
Mai Mai Zabuloni Colonel Zabuloni (now in Bukavu, leadership struggle) 50-150 Rusizi plains, moyen plateau of Uvira territory Little coherent ideology Soldier mostly from Fuliro community
Mai Mai Kirikicho Colonel Kirikicho 50-200 (?) In high plateau of Kalehe territory, Bunyakiri Declared over 1,300 combatants but none entered integration process Poorly organized and disciplined
Mai Mai Nyakiriba Colonel Nyakiriba 100-200 Around Kasika, Mwenga territory Not very active
Mai Mai Kapopo Colonel Kapopo 200-400 Around Miki, Mwenga territory Not very active
Mai-Mai Kyatende “General” Kyatende Dittman 50-200 Southern Shabunda Kyatende was the manager of the Muungano soccer team in Bukavu and was married to a German women before he decided to start an armed rebellion in 2010.